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Discovery Flashcards

Discovery Flashcards is a unique free program that can help you study. It has many great features. The program is designed to be simple and easy to use. This program has been reviewed by! Please use the contact page to let me know if you would like to see this program receive updates.


Thumbnail of the main form of Discovery Flashcards
The Main Form
Thumbnail of the create new set form of Discovery Flashcards
The Create New Set Form
Thumbnail of the create/edit card form of Discovery Flashcards
The Create/Edit Card Form
Thumbnail of the check spelling form of Discovery Flashcards
The Check Spelliing Form
Thumbnail of the print form of Discovery Flashcards
The Print Form
Thumbnail of the settings form of Discovery Flashcards
The Settings Form
Thumbnail of the test/study form of Discovery Flashcards
The Test/Study Form
Thumbnail of the summary form of Discovery Flashcards
The Summary Form

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System Requirements


Download the installer or the portable version.

Version Release Date (MM/DD/YY) Size Download Type Download Link Hash Info 05/04/11 2.14 MB Installer Download MD5=579dad13cfa106f7fd15be83457bd256
SHA1=1fa690fd57e5face310672df498e1ce7eb3a21a3 05/04/11 1.78 MB Portable Version (Zip file) Download MD5=34ce28d83f25b14b045c6e9cf6500a55
SHA1=2eacd6524fbb3faa84c9207767aa95fa0090714c 02/16/11 1.70 MB Zipped Installer Download MD5=bf0c29f52bd8426e434d37b1b92bf942
SHA1=3ec27ba1c388d9044cb7e4804398c593c8d822a6 02/16/11 1.49 MB Portable Zip File Download MD5=ce147ce4369852e9ef9f4f9531a642b4
SHA1=15b7a407a9eea32fc5a563757513def50d8c9c1f 01/03/11 1.67 MB Zipped Installer Download MD5=c89025bc09f3be88332060696a1ca54e
SHA1=f7a40da0cad4edb7d668052d348e2955a739ff6a 01/03/11 1.44 MB Portable Zip File Download MD5=06d640b11e1e61ff23214b18288efef9
SHA1=b14003c2078485da81917f733cc6383e28990023 11/05/09 2.17 MB Zipped Installer Download MD5=63c65b9b2e8cf8e6c4cf87dd826569e5
SHA1=268ccc917a99b10c1de18b69f292b8f0899f81f1 11/05/09 2.01 MB Portable Zip File Download MD5=b98315fd362e3192a461ad6324b61c53
SHA1=a485c9e58052d2671e43188174a40fd64296dbaa 10/21/09 2.04 MB Zipped Installer Download MD5=eba776a59812320fb4dc296899cad706
SHA1=92d409c15f1e76cd253cd7613d261c9e3bebb998 11/21/09 1.88 MB Portable Zip File Download MD5=de81f41157bc45950d47bf8f7f92f009
SHA1=8fa26fa7a391ed2af7976996e6a4b87dcf8caa46 10/06/09 1.21 MB Zipped Installer Download MD5=56eb5168c3b78252c6e109e53dc86b27
SHA1=6e735cd1b3d9061b87d7d728a9d3c1b42ff074e0 10/06/09 1.06 MB Portable Zip File Download MD5=f2e61b1f267cb1992aecb29117eaaf9e

Version Naming Convention:

The program version is changed as follows:

  1. Changed when the file version is updated. For example, files saved with version 2.x.x.x cannot be opened by version 1.x.x.x of the program.
  2. Changed when new features are added or improved.
  3. Changed only when program errors (bugs) are fixed and/or minor improvements are made.
  4. Changed only when slight changes are made that will not affect most people.

Version History