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Discoverty Byte Software offers free support for all of our software titles. Please send your message via email at the address below or use the contact form below (make sure to type a valid email address if you need an answer). Suggestions or bug reports are always welcome. After sending your inquiry, please allow 3 buisiness days to receive a response if you provided an email address. If you do not receive an answer for your probelm in the mentioned time, please be sure to check your span folders. Usually email spam filters block messages from unknown addresses. Also, occasionally I am unable to check my email for longer periods of time.

If you would like to be notified when a new version of a program is released, then fill in your email address. In the message field, put 'Subscribe to Program Updates'. If you only want updated for a certain program, then be sure to mention the program name in the message. You can unsubscibe at any time by responding to an email with a mesage letting me know, or you can use the form below with 'Unsubscribe' in the message field.

If you wish to send a bug report for one of the programs, then please include the program name, its version number, and your operating system version in your message.

If you are uploading an error log file, then please us the attach file box.

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